World War I Memorial

Unveiling0001World War I Memorial

The Roundhay Councillors Ghulam Hussain, Bill Urry and Christine Macniven have commissioned, on behalf of the community, a memorial bench to commemorate those who fought in the First World War. This bench, which is to be placed in the garden of the Oakwood Library, will be unveiled on Oakwood Day (7th May 2016). It is intended that the garden of the Library will be decorated with pictures of people who fought in the First World War. It would be helpful if the current residents of Oakwood/Roundhay could provide the Councillors with copies of pictures of relatives who fought in that war. The participants in the war need not have been residents of Roundhay themselves. The idea is that this is a way in which the residents of Roundhay can pay tribute to those of their ancestors who fought to preserve the values of this country. Please could scans of pictures of such participants, along with the name of the ancestor (and any other details that people care to include), be emailed to Alternatively could you send the picture to Oakwood Traders and Residents Association at 641A Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 4BA